Mobile First

hubble PWA is a front-end solution and works independently from your shop system. Excite your mobile users and increase conversion in a sustainable way.

Progressive Web App

Responsive and Progressive

With the hubble PWA, the hubble shop frontend offers an innovative technology with a focus on mobile users.

hubble PWA feels like a native app and optimally adapts to your customer's device.

Your shop will run smoothly and fast even if only a small amount of bandwidth is available.

Efficiency and Time-To-Market

A PWA combines the advantages of native apps and classic websites and creates significantly more positive user experiences.

This is how we solve the typical media disruption that we had to circumvent with a native app so far.

Finally a frontend for all devices and target groups.

Christine Göken, project manager

hubble PWA - a Front-End for Everybody

We embrace evolved software, maintain existing business processes, and deliver a Progressive Web App (PWA) to your online stores in less than 90 days.

PWA für Shopware
PWA für Spryker
PWA für Magento

Push Messages

Increase the rate of interaction with your app by sending notifications to the customer on the display.

Even if the app is not open at this time.

Add to Homescreen

Your customers can add their shop directly as a web app on the homescreen.

Avoid annoying hurdles and save the detour through app stores.

Offline Capability

Skip frustrating error pages!

Instead, show pre-cached content such as product information until the customer is back online.

Intuitive Usability

Supported by all browsers and devices, the hubble PWA feels mobile like an app.

Thanks to innovative controls, the hubble PWA runs very smoothly even with low bandwidth.

Thanks to its architecture, hubble enables easy integration into the existing IT landscape and guarantees quick and easy onboarding.

Short project times, efficient implementation and high quality results lead to more agility in the market.

Launch a state-of-the-art frontend in a short time!

Whether as full service, software as a service or on-premise, the hubble Shop Frontend already meets the requirements of the mobile e-commerce of tomorrow.

The satisfaction of your customers determines your success.

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