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Developers know legacy code can be critical. We solve this problem through a micro service approach and enable continuous and efficient development where it really matters: for your users in the frontend.

hubble Developer Experience

Save Time and Feel Good

Gone are the days when you have to wait longer to load the uncreated page than you need to actually develop.

Thanks to the hubble API, the data is immediately available in the frontend and waiting to be processed by you.

You develop, save and the code is compiled in the background and the page is automatically reloaded for you.

Which tools can I use in the frontend?

hubble does not limit you! You decide with which tools you prefer to work with.

For example, our hubble theme is implemented with Sass.

Lukas Heinze, developer at digital.manufaktur GmbH

Easy Onboarding

Setting up local development environments can be time-consuming and frustrating, but it does not have to.

For hubble you only need npm. You install the basic application as well as additional packages with only one command on the command line.

Now just one more command to start hubble in developer mode. Immediatly you are ready to develop.

<3 Sec

Hubble loads your page so fast while developing. Node.js even does the reloading for you.


The hubble API serves as the interface between the shop system and the frontend. About them you get all the data.

Every Shop Plattform

Hubble is not a shop, but a front-end. With the hubble API we are compatible with the shop system of your choice.

Always Up To Date With hubble

We rely on the latest and most proven technologies. This ensures that we always keep our finger on the pulse of our time and that further development is simplified.


Vue.js offers versatile features, as well as stable APIs and an active ecosystem.


Node.js can be extended with a variety of different modules.


nuxt.js contains all the code required to develop a Vue.js application server.


Webpack takes care of module bundling next to a separate task runner.

We Set No Limits

Due to the modular architecture, you have no limits when developing your own features.

Hubble is easily expandable and offers you a clear, flexible and reusable code.

Even complex features are easily implemented.

hubble Modules
User Experience Design

User Experience Design

When designing the hubble user interface, we have always placed the user in the foreground. As a result, the user interface remains intuitive and the user is guided from entering the shop to the checkout.

Lower bounce rates through optimal user guidance. That's how hubble increases your sales.


Bootstrap is the world's most popular frontend framework.

Material Design

Material Design combines good design with the innovation of technology.

Intuitive Usability

Supported by all browsers and devices, hubble feels like an app.

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