Time Is Money

The performance of an online shop has the biggest impact on user satisfaction and thus has a direct impact on sales. On average, about 80% of the potential lies in the area of ​​front-end performance.

hubble Performance

More Performance - Now!

With its holistic approach, the hubble Shop Frontend addresses and resolves all important aspects of front-end performance, without having to forego the possibility of dynamic and thus individual content per user.

You keep your current system as well as your infrastructure. We deliver a new frontend.

Your developers and especially your customers will be thrilled.

80% of Potential of Performance Boost is Located in the Front-end

Many years of experience in enterprise hosting reinforce my knowledge. Performance is more than time-to-first byte.

The holistic view of all aspects of a shop and above all the perceived performance are the key to success and a positive customer experience.

Philipp Herz, CTO and Performance Expert

Current Requirements

The share of mobile users is already over 50% today.

Different devices and mobile data connections define new requirements for an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Our standard is your customer. His satisfaction determines your success!

According to current research a potential customer tolerates a maximum load time of about 1 to 1.5 seconds while browsing the entire shop.

If the loading times exceed 3s, more than 40% of the visitors leave the site and probably will not return.

A smooth shopping experience is the key to customer satisfaction and is therefore directly related to your conversion.

The Master Benchmark

Perform as Google wants you to perform!

Even today, the specific requirements are summarized and weighted from the point of view of a mobile user under the terms of the Progressive Web App (PWA).

With the Hubble Shop Frontend, we orient ourselves to these requirements and solve the challenges of performance and user experience.

Front-end Best Practices

  • Mobile thinking
  • Asset management
  • Image optimization
  • Best practice DOM
  • Reactive JavaSript programming
  • Headless, Stateless, Event Based Processing

Back-end Features

  • Lean core
  • High Scalability
  • Automated optimizations
  • Intelligent search
  • Marketing-Suite
  • RESTful API

Simply Increase Your Conversion Rate

Convert the attention of your mobile visitors and support mobile devices today for the demands of tomorrow.

Make the difference compared to your competitors and rely on the right technology.

hubble Technologie

The User in Focus


Boost your conversion rate by optimizing your application with a hollistic approach.

Mobile Thinking

Prepare for tomorrow and start using tomorrows technology.

User Experience

Reduce your users' exceptions and increase customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Search

Find products quickly and easily. Play campaigns successfully.

Facets and Ranking

Dynamische content without caching.

Easy Navigation

Intuitive usablity on all devices - like an app.

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