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hubble Takes Your eCommerce Plattform to the Mobile Future

hubble is a frontend-layer boosting legacy eCommerce plattforms.

We embrace grown software, preserve existing business processes and deliver a Progressive Web App (PWA) in less than 90 days.

Expcect a super high performance, dedicated focus on mobile commerce and extremly fast development cycles.

Invest in the technology of tomorrow and scale that effect!

One Solution for any Plattform

With hubble, you invest in a single front-end solution and already meet the requirements of tomorrow's mobile e-commerce today.

Any Device

With a clear focus on mobile user experience, the hubble shop frontend is reliably supported on all modern devices.

Automatically gain full advantages on desktop viewports as well.

Address your target groups optimally across devices to expand them in the future.

Any Shop Platform

A quick integration into your existing IT infrastructure while keeping existing business processes make hubble a real game changer.

Benefit from the advantages of great user experience and additional individual features.

No extra cost for expensive app development.

Gain new agility and flexibility, enabling positive customer experiences and more conversions.

PWA für Shopware
PWA für Spryker
PWA für Magento

Win the race for the mobile experience with hubble PWA!

  • Push Notifications
  • Add to Homescreen
  • Works Offline

Success Stories

Google defined the requirements of modern mobile e-commerce and described technology and functions of so-called Progressive Web Applications (PWA):

Fast - Fast reaction and short loading times and smooth animations.

Reliable - No limitation of usability even with bad internet connection.

Engaging - Immersive user experience with the feel of a native app on every device.


Increase of the conversion rate


Increase in sales

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Increase of the conversion rate


hubble Makes the Difference

The hubble Shop Frontend provides you with a technological basis for the modern and reliable development of your e-business and is therefore essential for your success!r

We simplify the complexity of classic shop systems and concentrate on the frontend and thus on your customers!

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